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First and foremost I don't think I've actually been excited about joining a community. Thanks so much to skmrks10 for pointing me in this direction and to the moderator for accepting me.

Name: Heather

Relationship status: Will be married for 12 years in December.

Children: We have twin daughters that are 2 yrs. 4 months. They started out small Alani weighed 3 lbs. 2 ozs. and Tegan weighed 2 lbs. 12 ozs. They spent 5 and 6 weeks in the NICU but, we are lucky to have two healthy little women.

Description of children: The girls are two. Should I say more? Heh, this has been the roughest stage for me. They are non-stop and into everything. We are dealing with the potty issue and its going very slowly. I don't think I'm on top of it like I should be so that is probably why they are not potty-trained yet. They both are talking quite a bit now and saying more and more every day. "Bless you mommy" "Mommy's Back" "I don't know" and they are both counting to 10.

Parenting style: I had no intentions of breast feeding but when the girls came into the world so early and small I didn't think I had a choice. I wanted to do what would ever help them grow. I tried for probably three months and never really got much milk in. The girls would practically get a few drops in with their formula until I pretty much was getting nothing and we went full time with Enfamil. Brad and I are pretty easy going. We use Huggies, the do sleep in their own room, own cribs (now toddler beds). But if they cry and need us, we are more than happy to bring them to bed with us. We eat when we eat but I am a stickler about nap and bed times. Well, I try to be. We lay down for naps at 1 and bed at 10. OH, I am a SAHM so, I'd rather they get up at 9 than 7 heh.

Worries: Currently, I just worry about being the best mom I can and not scarring my children for life.

Thing you would like to see in the community: I love all the days and this intro. I thought it would be great if we mentioned what we feed our kids that day, no matter what it is, or if its the same thing day in a day out. I just need ideas and "OH, mac and cheese would be a good idea today" no matter how simple it is.

My current gripe

It's actually a pure coincidence that I'm posting this on Thursday, but it does fall in line with the newly introduced theme days, so whoopie!

So, why is it that all of the play groups and family time events and venues seem to be geared towards the SAH crowd? I have absolutely nothing against SAHM/Ds, honestly. More power to them, I couldn't do what they do.

But, and maybe with me it's because I'm not a stay-at-home, I don't know any other mommies or daddies my age. None. So I was looking into finding play groups and things so that I could meet other families, and so that in the future I could be assured that my little girl (who in all likelyhood will be an only child) will learn to play well with other kids.


Everything in my area that I can find is in the morning. Several options available, but all during the week, and in the morning or the afternoon.

So apparently working moms don't want to share their children's playtime with other families? I don't get it!

And unfortunately I'm not the type of person who can/will organize something like this on my own. I'm too shy to try to start and run any kind of organization like that.

So I'm stumped. And disappointed. And a little sad.

I'm going to point my mom (my daycare provider) in the direction of some of these groups so that at least Lily will have access to them, but I wish I could have access as well.

But perhaps this is my first real taste of what being a working mom is? Missing out?


Picture Wednesday

Alright, yay for an excuse to post new pictures of my little girl! She'll be three months tomorrow.

An explanation for the first picture: I bought this outfit from a garage sale before she was born. I'm planning to use it for her 6 month photos, but since she's growing so fast lately, I told my mom to try it on her so I could make sure it didn't fit her already. (It would be a shame if I saved it, and by the time I tried it on her it was already too small, you know?) Anyway... she's really not big enough for it yet. But we took a picture anyway. Heehee! Big Pictures of my Little GirlCollapse )

Just call me the bad moderator! Sorry ‘all. I am a school teacher and kids reported back yesterday it has been crazy. Coupled with sending Michaela to daycare for the first time and well it has been hectic.


So, I had mentioned that I wanted to do theme days  too keep the board active. Not that you have to post about the theme that day, but it can be fun.  Below are my purposed themes. I have kept it to just Monday-Friday since the weekends can be very busy and many do not have time to post.  Comment and tell me what you think


Meme Monday: This is the day to post those great/annoying Meme’s that floats around LJ and the ‘net. It is a chance for us to get to know each other outside of being parents.


Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Do you have a great baby food recipe? Can’t live without your Bumbo? Looking for some ideas about how to potty train? Then Tuesday is the day to talk about it.


Wow How Cute Wednesday: Get out the camera and Wow us with how cute your kids are!


Trash Talk Thursday:  Is your mother’s constant “advice” driving you crazy. Did some stranger in the mall do something creepy? Here is your chance to vent about what is bothering you about parenting.


Fess Up Friday: OK Fess up! What did you do this week that makes you a “bad” parent?





Me Time... (Lily=12w3d)

Me TimeCollapse )

On another note... how many of you are using exersaucers, and when did your kids start to enjoy them? My mom bought one for Lily before she was born, and since I knew she wouldn't be able to use it until her neck muscles were pretty strong, it had been in a closet until today.

I had to prop her up, and she has trouble reaching most of the toys on it, but she seemed to enjoy being upright with her feet below her. I stuck some linking rings w/ rattles on the tray so she'd have something she could reach easily.

Also... I'm guessing the drool is just something that comes with being a baby? Sorry, I'm so new to this. She's never been a drooler up until the last couple weeks. I can't feel any teeth coming in, and she doesn't seem that fussy... just really drooly. But I suppose as long as it's not spit up, I'll just let her get a little wet, not the end of the world. Right?


Name: Kimberly

Relationship status: Married

Children: Rhiannon Brighid

Description of children: She'll be 11 weeks old tomorrow and is already showing herself to be a real Gemini -- she's an alert little charmer who smiles, laughs, babbles, and thrives on social contact, new people, and new things. She's been lifting her head for over a month now, has been picking up toys and developing more fine motor control, enough to keep her pacifier in, starting to use her legs more and doing a lot of kicking (she's petite but strong. She doesn't cry a whole lot and is pretty content as long as she's got something interesting to look at. She's now letting me put her in the Baby Bjorn sling since she's big enough to face outward. She's enormously frustrated that she can't sit up, crawl, or walk yet, and her attempts to do these things cause her to yell and, yes, roar with indignation when they don't turn out as she intends.

Parenting style: Mostly formula-fed and nursed occasionally with what little breastmilk I'm still producing, disposable diapers, sleeps in her own bassinet and I'm gradually introducing her to her crib in her own room. She loves her swing and her Bumbo chair. My husband and I let my mom baby sit so that we can get out of the house and get some time together. I try to balance giving her attention and interaction with allowing her time to play by herself and explore her surroundings on her own terms, and I believe also in trying to balance my day so that I give myself some time for myself. She's not going to grow up happy if she has a miserable, snappish martyr for a mother.

Worries: I'm currently mulling over returning to work sometime next year. I need to get out of the house and do something else that's productive, but the daycare at the hospital my mom works at requires that a child be enrolled three days a week minimum, whereas I was hoping for only two. That discrepancy of one day is making a huge difference in my mind to the way I'm looking at this whole thing. Of course, it doesn't help that, while I want to do something productive, my profession of court reporter is not something I particularly want to continue doing. I think it would be great if I could work from home, or at least have my own business with my home as the main base of operations, and I'm considering trying to make some money as a professional harpist and/or astrologer. It's scary contemplating putting things I am passionate about doing on my own time, but am still an amateur at, out there in the professional spotlight, though. I think I will be a much better parent once I can figure out how to bring in some income while doing something I love.

Thing you would like to see in the community: Can't really think of anything specific. I just like the idea of talking about the grey areas of parenting here, particularly since the rest of the world seems to want to polarize it all into a one-size-fits-all of one stripe or the other.


Name: Johnny

Relationship status: married

Children: I have one lovely daughter, Rachel who is nearing 2 years old. I also just found out we are expecting another. I think we are about 11 weeks along.

Description of children: Milestones? Is throwing temper-tantrums and being selfish milestones? She is doing very good and is right in line developmentally. She has learned to hug, kiss, blow kisses, high-five, and I'm sure several other cool things that are escaping my tired mind.

Parenting style: Breastfed, but supplemented. disposables, all vaccines, I tell her no, a lot!

Worries: I'm worried how good of a job I'm doing.

Thing you would like to see in the community: Stay-at-home dads do exist!! Really!! I've seen them!! Seriously, as a stay-at-home dad, I wish the prevailing myth about dads would end already.