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reallifeparents's Journal

Real Life Parents
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When judgmental, crunchy parents leave you soggy.
This community is open to all Moms and Dads past, present and future. This is a place where parents can come together to talk about all aspects of parenting. By joining this community you acknowledge that every child and parent is different and there is no wrong or right way to parent. This community is a place to talk about your worries, ask questions, or share cute photos and stories. No one is a better parent than anyone else, and in fact this is a good place to talk about all the things we do that are "wrong". We are here to support each other. This place is judgment and drama free.

Examples of what will get you removed from the community:

Someone posts about what brand of formula people use. You post "OMG why would anyone feed their child anything but breast milk. Breast milk is the best and I only breast feed."

In a discussion about disposable diapers someone mentions that they have a child with diaper rash. You post "That is why I am 100% cloth diaper family." This is a snotty comment. Why are you even in this topic if you cloth diaper?

Someone post asking how to do Excretion Communication. You post "Gross."

Edited 10/1/07: For the comfort of the members of this community, you will not be allowed to be a member here if you are a member of fake_parents.

In addition, if you are found snarking any of the posts in this community, it will result in an immediate banning.

Basically if you can not say something positive or helpful, DON’T.

Once you join please make a post with the following introduction.

Relationship status:
Description of children: (What mile stones have they just hit. What are some recent issues that have come up etc.)
Parenting style: (Bottle, formula, breast….. etc)
Worries: Is there anything that you would like to talk about?
Thing you would like to see in the community:

You can post what you want on any day, but to keep it fun!

Meme Monday: This is the day to post those great/annoying memes that float around LJ and the ‘net. It is a chance for us to get to know each other outside of being parents.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Do you have a great baby food recipe? Can’t live without your Bumbo? Looking for some ideas about how to potty train? Then Tuesday is the day to talk about it.

Wow How Cute Wednesday: Get out the camera and Wow us with how cute your kids are!

Trash Talk Thursday: Is your mother’s constant "advice" driving you crazy. Did some stranger in the mall do something creepy? Here is your chance to vent about what is bothering you about parenting.

Fess Up Friday: OK Fess up! What did you do this week that makes you a "bad" parent?