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Name: Amanda

Relationship status: Married three years September 17th, together for 7 years.

Children: Miles Alexander, born June 9, almost 3 months!

Description of children: Miles is an imitator. He has been "waving" and today has started making a kissy face. He has "happy time" a few times throughout the day, where he is all smiles and very social. I was worried about his milestones since it seemed to take an eternity before he started to smile, but now he's so active/able to keep his head up all the time as long as he's not sleepy/smiley/grasping I've been able to relax.
Yes, he's a redhead! Just like his daddy, and two grandpas, and his great grandpa... I hope his eyes stay blue.

Parenting style: I am big on the theory of holistic living; however, in practice we're a take it as it comes sort of family. I thought the whole idea of natural birth/attatchment parenting seemed like a good idea while I was pregnant but after a few days of intense back labor....well...
Miles has his own style of "attatchment" and is just starting to let mommy take care of things in the next room for a few minutes before he starts crying. I usually don't let him cry [aka "cry it out" or CIO] because, quite frankly, I can't handle it. I go for the quick fix, too, and stick a boob in his mouth while he's screaming. I don't know what I'll do once we quit breastfeeding!
We didn't plan on it, but Miles co-sleeps the majority of the time. He hates his basinette and I usually need to "trick" him into sleeping in it. Last night was an hour's worth of lullabyes.
When I'm not holding Miles, he's in his carseat carrier, stroller, swing, bouncer, pack and play, or baby bjorn. I need to get a sling since he likes to be carried and the bjorn is a fuss for quick pickups or short excursions. I'd probably have an exersaucer but I attended a baby safety class that said they're no good for baby. I'd have a play mat/gym if I had more money. Still not sure about the bumbo. I feel like I should know, since I'm a physical therapist assistant and know quite a bit about seating props, but mostly for adults.
I breastfeed, primarily because we don't have the money to buy formula.
My favorite brand of diapers are Pampers Swaddlers [aka "the good diapers"] and my least favorite are Luvs. We threw a diaper kegger before Miles was born and he's pretty well set up on diapers!
Days are baby led, for the most part. I'm not working yet, but hope to start "casual" work soon, once I don't have to take care of my mom as well as my baby.

Worries: My biggest worry now is my inability to be my parents caretaker. My mom broke her kneecap two weeks ago now and I've been over at her house almost every single day, all day long. It's driving me insane. I thought it was bad enough being sleep deprived and taking care of baby, but now I'm sleep deprived, taking care of baby, and taking care of one very bitchy and demanding mother.

I hope this community remains unjudgemental and open/honest with eachother and ourselves. There's too much mamadrama on LJ.

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Sep. 1st, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
I love redheads!

My sister in law had her baby 3 months before I had mine. She was so vehement about not having a redhead that I would tease her about it all the time. It seemed almost mean for her to keep on saying that, since she married into a family that is predominately redheaded.
(She did end up with a brunette--but there's always the next one!)
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